Great HOW TO site

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Great HOW TO site

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As you may know, I love getting my hands dirty in the shed just making stuff, be for a bike, some stainless steel art work, or just fixing something around the house.

I went through my Fitting & Turning Apprenticeship in the 70's, before CNC was widely available, so I learnt how to do it all by hand & head.

I still love the pre CNC way of doing things (although I do have a lot of plans for precision machines stuff coming up), cause you can do an awful lot with a hacksaw fle and drill if you put your mind to it.

Here's a link to a 'chopper site' with a huge amount of downloadable eBooks plus YouTube for hands on skills.

Just have a look around it, I found it fun and I hope it might inspire some members onto new projects :thumbup:
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