Steve Jobs ~Remembered~

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Steve Jobs ~Remembered~

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I started around 10 years old on a Sinclair ZX81 micro computer.
Then my dad bought me a Apple IIe in 1984.
I was 13 then...
No one helped me do anything with the pc and I put it together myself.
Somehow - that little Apple changed my life.
I can remember in HS my guidance counselors telling me I needed to pick a college.
I said I'm going to work for a computer company.
I graduated on the last friday in May 1988 and started full time in a data management company on May 31st 1988.

I credit much of my passion - my love for computers to what Steve Jobs created in his garage with Woz.

I only knew one other classmate to bring in computer magazines to high school and read them from cover to cover - then to reread it again and again until the next issue came out.

I bought into the 'insanely great' idea.

I get goosebumps to this day seeing Steve introduce the Macintosh.
He once reflected that was his proudest moment outside of the birth of his kids I assume.
I recall my friends seeing what that Mac could do and we were left in awe.

I never imagined Apple being one of the most valuable companies on a world level only surpassed by Exxon-Mobil.

He died way too young.

It's been very rare for me to shed a tear for anyone - Steve's passing hit me and I am deeply saddened.

The world has lost someone who I can honestly say helped change it in a small way - for the better.

Rest In Peace Steve.


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